Business Manner

Participants Staff, Manager, those who have never learned business manner, etc . . .
Capacity 30 people
Fee 30,000 MMk
Targets To acquire business manner and act on daily basis
Style Lecture and Exercise
Language Burmese ( Myanmar Trainer)
Training Needs Do you know the effect of business manner?
Have your company managers and staffs learned business manner?
Do you have decent manner to any type of customers?
Do you expect your staffs to acquire proper greeting. bowing attitude and actions?
Contents 1. What is business manner?
  • How to bow
  • Liked smile and greeting
2.Basics of business telephone talk
  • Why is business telephone manner so important?
  • How to answer and make a call (basic and exercise)
  • How to handle telephone calls when manager is out of office (basic and exercise)
  • Role-playing exercise on business telephone calls
3. Handling Guests as image-maker
  • Be a representative of company
  • Handling guests
  • Exchanging business card (How to receive, How to exchange at same time)
  • Rules in reception room and door-knocking
  • How to serve a drink
  • Rules on seats in a car/train/air-plane
4. Role-Playing on handling guests
5. Manners when you visit your clients
  • Cautions for your visiting client's office
  • What would you do?
In case that you are most likely late for appointment you left documents behind and all your business cards have come out, etc...

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