Japanese Manner

Time/Venue Venue Training room of MJBC
Date 2021
Capacity 20 - 30 Persons
Targets Training to know Japanese Cultural & Japanese Manner who want to work in Japanese Companies
Language Burmese Language ( Myanmar Interpreter )

Ms.Thinn Thinn Khaine

Ms. Yi Mon Win @ Pinky

Training Needs To obtain the knowledge for Japanese Manner while working with Japanese
  1. What is Business Manner?
  2. Business Manner (Etiquette)
  3. What is the Appearance (Midaahinami)
  4. The Manner of Introduction and Presentation
  5. Time and Promise-Manner
  6. How to Receive Phone Call and How to send your mail
  7. Working of Rule and Manner
  8. 5-Manner of Working
  9. 5-Awareness for working
  10. Follow the rules and manner