To Do List

Time/Venue Venue Training room of MJBC
Date 2021
Capacity 20-30 Persons
Fee 30,000 MMK
Targets You will be able to learn the basics of the To Do List, and to carry out them.
Language Burmese Language
Lecturer Mr. Thiha Linn
Training Needs Do your company's employees understand how to carry out their work by To Do List?
Your company's Employees are faceing with over workload?
Can your company make To Do List Management habitual?
  1. Share the objective and goals of daily work tasks.
  2. Every employees carry out their daily work by To Do List Management
  3. What is To Do List
  4. 5 Rules of To Do List
  5. Basic of To Do List Management
  6. How to work yours task with To Do List
  7. Managers and supervisors lead by example
  8. How to check yours To Do List