5S Management

Time/Venue Venue Training room of MJBC
Participants Staff Level to Management Level
Training Methods Active learning (knowledge and applications) through group discussion, exercises relates to works at factory or company
Fee 25,000 MMK

Supervisors, Team leaders and Line leaders etc.

Who have be hard put to implement 5S Management.

Understand the meaning of 5S and various tools and methods to conduct 5S at the worksite.

Increase the capability of implementing 5S to the factory or company by line model practice

Language Burmese Language
Lecturer Mr. Thiha Linn
Training Needs Do your company's employees understand 5S management?
Can your company's employees carry out 5S management?
Can your company's managers teach 5S management?
Can your company make 5S management habitual?
  1. Share the policy and effes of 5S Management
  2. Every employees carry out 5S Management
  3. Managers and supervisors lead by example
  4. Recorgnize 5S management and make it habitual
  5. exercise of 5S management