Hou-ren-sou skill

Time/Venue Venue Training room of MJBC
Capacity 20 Persons
Fee MJBC member companies (Free) non-members (20,000 Kyat)
Targets To Success company's aim working together with staffs by Repor- Contact - Discuss
Language Burmese Language
Lecturer Ms. Yi Mon Win ( Pinky )
Training Needs Self assessment of Hou-ren-sou skill and awareness of one's weakness. Understanding the importance, implementation process and application of Hou-ren-sou to reality of work. To improve the ability to present the problem effciently.
  1. Are you confident in your ability to communicate with your superior?
  2. Practice the Hou-Ren- Sou skill and execute business efficiently?
  3. Present your ideas to the superior presuasively.
  4. Apply Hourensou to your work from Tomorrow & Action Plan